Why Would Banks Use CRM Software?


SimpleCRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is an advance and intelligent system adopted by organizations to build strong relationships with existing and potential customers.

In the banking sector, customers’ relationship is very crucial, timely response and communication with the client is an essential success factor and the core strategy of banking sectors.

SimpleCRM Omnichannel Support System for Banks has been implemented in over 300 projects in Southeast Asia with AI Advantage for Banking and Finance Industry. There are a lot of reasons to choose this Enterprise CRM from SimpleCRM for the banking and financial industry.

Gaining 360-degree customer view

The effective use of SimpleCRM Omnichannel Support System can gain a 360-degree customer view. It helps to maintain,

  • Customer account history
  • Service inquiries
  • Understand how a customer wants to communicate
  • Marketing
  • Profitability

Provide high-quality service

Today, customers have the facility to use social media platforms for leaving their reviews and comments which marketing departments are eager to identify and respond to customers. By utilizing SimpleCRM you can identify an effective way to determine the customers’ needs and offer them quality service. Enterprise CRM with AI Advantage for Banking and Finance Industry provides tools to identify customers’ needs and marketing strategies.

Customer Self Service

Bank and financial service companies offer self-service for the convenience of customers. Self-servicing enables customers to submit their queries issues by using mobile or computer for which they will receive a reply through Chatbot or service representative, customers can access the portal and view their record, analyze statements; self-service option has reduced the time spent on answering customer inquiries.

Promotions and rewards

From time to time banks offer their customers rewards like cashback, travel miles to attract and retain the customers. Enterprise CRM with AI Advantage for Banking and Finance Industry provides this particular facility to banks to market their products and run promotional activities and keep records of customers.

Planning new best services or products

Enterprise CRM with AI Advantage for Banking and Finance Industry enables bank management to help in studying and understanding the customer reviews, demands, emerging technologies and helps in planning and launching a new product. For example, currently, the bank is offering cash rewards, car loans, next it may start new services like home loan and saving plan.

Cross and Up-Selling

Enterprise CRM with AI Advantage for Banking and Finances algorithm helps in identifying the relevant products which are in demand with the help of customer feedback and recommendation. SimpleCRM will also provide information about the customer’s products, which are expiring soon and send intimation to customers to renew or replace it with the new one.

Marketing Campaigns

SimpleCRM provides facility to integrate with other marketing tools and send a customized marketing email to customers and to the public who have inquired about the products to make them aware of the new launches or changes done which will help clients in retaining a customer.

Database and customer’s analysis

The database is very crucial, and all the banks and businesses have invested a lot in database management. Banks have established a data warehouse to keep customers’ data for future use. SimpleCRM can make an in-depth analysis of data stored to establish customer behavior and trends which provides productive information to management for their decision making.

Interaction with colleagues and customers

SimpleCRM provides the facility to the staff to interact with colleagues and customers while answering a query. Sometimes customers have a question that is not under the domain of that representative; it is essential to satisfy the customer with the correct answer by asking another colleague through SimpleCRM.