5 steps to find work in 48 hours

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Nobody likes the process of finding a new job, but what if we tell you that there is an easier way? Follow our guide to find work in 48 hours.

We were all there. You postpone updating your resume, forget your LinkedIn password, and hate the idea of ​​finding vacancies on bulletin boards. At heart you know it’s time to leave work, but you appear week after week because the beginning of the search seems incredibly frightening.

You can sit down for this:

Attempts to find a job should not be painful or lengthy. You can even start your search next weekend. Take some time to search for your dream job. You have 48 hours and five easy steps.

  1. Go to drink coffee with friends

Sometimes the first step to finding a new job is to just say it out loud. Make plans for the weekend with a few people you trust who give great advice. Share with them what you think about moving forward, and tell us about any problems you may have. Ask them how they will describe you, and use their answers to edit your resume (see Step 3) and the LinkedIn resume.

Another great feature of these “meetings” is that your close friends often see strengths and opportunities that you don’t see. Find out from them what strengths they see in you. Of course, your intuition is more important, therefore, if you already have a clear idea of ​​what you want, share your plans, and you will likely get a lot of support.

  1. Control the conversation

Most of us find ourselves in a terrible situation when we do not like our work. We go out with friends / acquaintances, and dinner quickly turns into an evening session.

This weekend, when people ask you: “How is work progressing?” Or “Are you still in company X?” Don’t complain about the present – start looking to the future. When asked about your job, say as follows:

“Yes, I still work as [title] at [company]. Everything went well, and I like working on X, Y, and Z, but I think I’m ready to take the next step. I am looking for work in the company [type of company] in the department [functional area]. ”

Now here’s the most important part

“If you happen to know someone I should contact, be sure to let me know!”

You never know who people know, so do not give in to the desire to complain about the past or the current state and start looking into the future.

  1. Update your resume

Obviously, before starting any job search you need to update your resume. For most people, this is the biggest barrier (and it can delay them for months), because it seems so time-consuming. In order not to get bogged down, consider holding an “expedited session” with your resume.

Step 1: Make a list of all the tasks that you perform in your current job. Do not think too much about the wording. Just indicate the real work that you do on paper. [10 minutes]

Step 2: Of all the assignments you have written, put the stars next to four or six who deserve to be on the resume. Those that you choose should combine your most impressive responsibilities or projects – and those that are most relevant for the vacancy that you want to receive. If you are not sure, look at a few vacancies that interest you and see what they are looking for. Your resume must meet these requirements. [5 minutes]

Step 3: Turn tasks into resume markers. This will probably take you the most time, but make yourself work efficiently and don’t think about it. A strong resume should include various metrics and testify to your professionalism. [30 minutes]

Step 4: Proofreading. Obviously, your resume should be error free. Check each line and make adjustments. [10 minutes]

Step 5: Format. The appearance of your resume is very important. The font should be clear, the document should be organized and easy to read. Make sure nothing looks messy, inconsistent, and then send the PDF. [5 minutes]

An hour has passed and your resume is ready. Now email it to one of those trusted advisers from your morning coffee to get a rating. Once you are satisfied with the end result, make sure your LinkedIn is up-to-date and submit your resume to the company you like.  Also you can find your dream job on Jooble – there are most vacancies here (we can say that almost all vacancies from the Internet are collected).