Does Investing in Gold a Good Investment?


People with extra money can invest in precious metals like gold through ETFs or Exchange-Traded Funds, buying physical gold, or purchasing stocks in miners and associated firms. These people have as many reasons to invest in precious metals as they do methods to make these investments.

Some people argue that this metal is already a relic that no longer holds the monetary value it holds before. In modern economic environments, a fiat currency is the money of choice of every country. Some people contend that this precious metal’s only benefit is that it is a material used in various electronic parts, as well as in jewelry. On the other side of the spectrum are people who hold it as an asset with many intrinsic qualities that make it unique and important for investors to hold in their investment portfolios.

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Gold in modern economies

Even though this metal no longer backs the United States dollar and other worldwide currencies, it still carries significant importance in today’s economy and society. It is also still vital to the world economy. To validate the point above, individuals don’t need to look further than the balance sheets of financial organizations like the International Monetary Fund, as well as central banks.

Today, these financial institutions are responsible for holding more or less one-fifth of the world’s aboveground supply of this metal. Not only that, some central banks have added more gold to their present reserves, reflecting significant concerns when it comes to the long-term effect on the global economy.

It preserves wealth

The reasons for this precious metal’s importance in today’s economy centers on its success when it comes to preserving wealth throughout generations. However, the same cannot be said about fiat currencies. To explain the situation, individuals need to consider the example listed below:

In the early 70s, the price of one ounce of gold is $36. At that time, individuals had a choice to either hold an ounce of gold or keep the $36. Both would buy the holder the same things, like a fancy bike or a new business suit. But if people today had an ounce of this precious metal and convert it in today’s price, it would still be enough to buy the holder a new suit or a new bike, but not the $36.

In short, people would have lost a lot of their wealth if they decided to hold the money instead of holding their ounce of gold because the value of this precious metal has increased. In contrast, the value of the United States dollar has been eroded because of inflation.

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It is a safety net against the United States dollar

The idea that this precious metal preserves wealth is more important in an environment where investors are faced with rising inflation and a declining dollar. Historically, it has served as a safety net against rising inflation and a declining dollar value. With the increase in inflation, it usually increases in value.

When investors realize that their dollars are losing in value, they will start looking for other investments in hard assets that usually maintain their value. The 70s present a good example of increasing prices in the middle of rising inflation. The reason why this metal benefits from a deteriorating United States dollar are that it is priced in the United States dollar worldwide.

There are two known reasons for this. First, most investors who are looking to purchase gold, like central banks, need to sell their dollars to make this type of transaction. It ultimately drives the dollar lower as investors all over the world look to diversify their dollars.

The second reason is that weakening dollars makes it a lot cheaper for investors with other currencies in their hands. This results in more demand from investors with other currencies that have a higher value than the United States dollar. To find out more about this topic, check out noble gold reviews and other review sites for more details.


There are advantages and disadvantages to every form of investment. If people are opposed to holding this kind of precious metal, purchasing mining companies’ shares may be a safe alternative. If individuals believe that it can be an excellent safety net against rising inflation, investing in bullion, jewelry, or coins are paths that people need to take to achieve gold-based prosperity.