Online Banking App: How to make the best use of it for secure personal banking?


Internet banking is a transformative innovation, but it also opens the possibility of data violation. Hackers can gain access to your sensitive banking information and conduct transactions without your knowledge. Hence, it is vital to adopt safety measures to protect your account. Banks provide many tools to help you in this mission.

Two-factor authentication is a well-known safety measure that can help guard your data. You can set up two-factor authentication from your phone and ensure that no one can gain access to your accounts without your knowledge. Here are a few other ways to safely use personal banking.

How to use a mobile banking app for secure personal banking?

Follow the below tips to ensure enhanced data security on mobile banking apps:

  • Set strong passwords

Mobile banking apps always ask you to create a password when setting up an account. While you should create a password that is easy to remember, ensure that it isn’t easy to crack either. Do not use names or numbers solely. Instead, use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Also, try not to use a password you already used for another site.

  • Never save passwords on your device

Some browsers allow you to save your login details. However, try not to exercise the right because if your phone is lost or stolen, it might be easy for someone to get control of your bank account. Remember, the easier it is for you to access your password, the easier it could be for a hacker. Save your passwords on a different device or in a different format elsewhere.

  • Be wary of links

Never click on a link in an e-mail. Phishers function in this way: they send you to the wrong URL that looks like your bank’s website and utilise the information you submit to gain access to your account. Bank login pages are encrypted, so when you reach your bank’s website, a closed padlock or unbroken key icon should pop up in your browser window. If you do not see the lock sign, something is fishy.

  • Do not use open Wi-Fi

Never use an open Wi-Fi network when you are travelling and wish to check your bank account statement. If you use an unsecured connection, cybercriminals may be able to tap into it and access your secure information. Always use your mobile data or wait until you can access your secure connection back home.

These are a few ways to make your banking app experience more secure. If you have any questions about the security of your banking app, you can reach out to your bank’s customer service.