Ultimate Crypto Portfolio Tracker


Brief Overview

Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is an application, website, or any other platform which enables the process of making investments along with keeping track of how the relative value of the coins is changing. The trackers get connected through exchanges and wallets. This platform is considered to be very useful for traders who are operating at a large scale and who have more than 3 coins that have been actively traded within the portfolio.

Several cryptocurrency portfolio trackers also operate as cryptocurrency trading platforms. Similar to a regular tracker, tracking exchange will assign an individual wallet key which can be used for holding or importing cryptocurrencies.

Different cryptocurrency profile trackers operate with a unique set of features and there is no single tracker that will perfectly perform all services. Some trackers might allow the user to buy and sell coins; however, they might not have those coins which an individual requires. In addition to this, purchase from a wide range of choices however, they might not support tracking features. In order to determine the best cryptocurrency trading platform, it is important to evaluate the different sets of features every tracker has to offer.

Crypto Portfolio Trackers Accointing

Accointing is a crypto portfolio tracking platform that has all that you might have expected form one. Moreover, this platform offers more than you have thought of. It is developed for those crypto investors who are looking for such tools which helps them in better understanding their projects, assets, and portfolio in which they have invested. Additionally, the platform also has tools that allow investors to understand the trends within the larger cryptocurrency market. At Accointing, you will save a great deal of time as it will provide all the information required that is crucial for your investment. Users can connect and exchange wallets which can also be synchronized. Alongside, viewing the value of your portfolio, it will also show the realized rate of profit, allowing the placement of price alerts, view the number of portfolios the investors have over exchanges as against wallets, view the spread of portfolio over large, mid and small

caps, allows analysing portfolio performance and volatility along with determining the correlation between the crypto assets.


This platform holds the crypto holdings of an investor at a single place. The only thing to do is to connect the wallet accounts, exchange or simply add in a portfolio manually. Highlighting features of this platform includes personalized alerts and market insights. Currently, this platform is extending support to more than 100 exchanges and wallets and is currently available compatible with Chrome Extension, Android, iOS, Apple Watch, Telegram bot, Mozilla add-on and, WEb. The news section of CoinStats where investors can get information related to the market along with adding in information from their side. Additionally, you can also filter them through voting to be the most bearish or bullish.


This platform is free of cost and is useful for those investors who want to hold for a longer time period or want to sell off coins immediately. CryptoCompare offers features through which coins can be sought out into multiple portfolios which are very useful for those who are planning to hold stablecoins in the longer run or selling altcoins as they change value. The platform also has wide and continuously updating news feed section through which you can remain updated with the market trends. Moreover, information related to mining, wallets and various exchanges can also be obtained. This platform is a one-stop-shop for traders of varying skills.


When we talk about cryptocurrency platforms, Binance is that name which will be counted indefinitely. Alongside offering the services of an exchange, Binance is also a portfolio tracker. The platform provides support to nearly every coin trading in the market. Although investors cannot buy currencies directly from the platform of Binance; however, they have the opportunity to quickly import coins from other platforms through the unique wallet keys.

The platform was hacked in 2019 which led it to lose more than $40 million worth of Bitcoin as stolen. Although, the platform claims that its security measures have been increased after the attack, many render Binance to be somewhat insecure for investing primary portfolios. However, short term traders will find this platform to be comprehensive.


Those who are looking for an on-the-go cryptocurrency tracker, Delta are the best platform available. Its minimalistic look and the dark mode are supportive to low lighting environments as well as for the users having visual limitations. The platform holds a wide range of coins and has connectivity with 7 of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, users can also create a watchlist for different cryptocurrencies that are not in their portfolio and view their graphs with only a few clicks. Investors cannot buy or sell coins over the platform currently however those who are looking for a comprehensive tracker, Delta will offer both functionality and design.


This platform is the best for those who are in search of customized investing advice as well as news centred on the invested coins. This unique portfolio tracker does a lot more than simply showing the worth of your coins. Additionally, investors can gain insights about their investments. The news section of the platform is extensive where meaningful insights related to the metrics of the industry can be viewed which will be helpful in your next trade. The tiered pricing system of KryptoGraphe determines how many exchange accounts can be synced. In the free version, investors can sync up to 2 exchange accounts, 4 exchange accounts over Premium balance, and unlimited over the Gold plan.