Want to Invest in Atlassian? Here’s What You Need to Know


Atlassian is a renowned programming organization helping teams across the world release their hidden capabilities. The company fabricates devices that assist corporate groups with teaming up, brainstorming, and creating together. With about 180,000 clients across the globe and a core team of 5,000 Atlassians, the company is building up-and-coming technologies to support collaboration and efficiency at work.

So, what does Atlassian do?

Atlassian offers programming items to assist teams to deal with all the features of an organization. A team could be utilizing its ‘Confluence’ to work together on a shared drive, ‘OpsGenie’ to follow and oversee issues, or ‘Jira’ to monitor who is doing what. No matter which programming module set individuals are using, every one of the items works consistently and in harmony.

This simple-to-install system of tools is making Atlassian’s position in the market influential.

What is its net worth?

Currently, its addressable market is set at $24 billion, depending on the present evaluations and services. With $1.7 billion in the following year’s income, Atlassian has just caught around 7% of the market, giving it a lot of space to develop. By the end of 2021, it’s looking at a business with 100 million active clients and accomplishing a $5 billion yearly income run rate.

Who are Atlassian’s subsidiaries?

Here are some of the influential subsidiaries of Atlassian:

  1. Trello – In 2011, Joel Spolsky founded Trello, an app that replicates the idea of a whiteboard with sticky notes on a web browser (also available as a mobile app).
  2. OpsGenie, Inc. – OpsGenie is a cutting-edge incident management tool that guarantees basic occurrences are never missed, and that moves are made by the right individuals in the most limited time. OpsGenie gets alarms from your monitoring frameworks and custom applications and classifies each alarm depending on significance and timing.
  3. Agilecraft – AgileCraft is an essential teamwork management program that offers technology-enabled visibility and alignment across levels of staff.
  4. Code Barrel – Code Barrel is a low-code instrument for effectively computerizing numerous parts of Jira and is one of the most famous items for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk in Atlassian’s commercial center.
  5. HipChat – HipChat is an on-premises chatting application. It empowers a group to work together effectively by making it simple to share thoughts, updates, and codes continuously while saving them all on a drive. HipChat can coordinate with a variety of instruments, yet it impeccably incorporates Atlassian devices like Confluence or Jira.

Is it beneficial to invest in Atlassian?

For any business to be a viable investment, it must have effective cash management. In the case of Atlassian, it has 15 years of positive cash flow. For its last financial year, about 31% of the total sales generated $500 million in cash flow.

With a monstrous $2.2 billion in cash and securities market, the organization has significant flexibility to put resources into development. Whether it plans for innovation strategies, investments to attract more clients, or upgrading its products and services, the organization has adequate assets to encourage the investors to contribute more.

Atlassian has a mission, an enormous market opportunity, and shrewd administration to keep executing its solid development plans in the coming years. Financial investors would do well to add Atlassian shares to their portfolio with the plan to never sell.