Is Film Production Software Reducing The Carbon Footprint?



For decades people have been concerned about the overwhelming pollution, the excessive use of energy, and the overall carbon footprint left behind generation after generation. Scientists have also calculated their theories, coming up with trajectory intervals in an attempt to estimate the time it would take to reverse the damages before said cataclysm.

What Steps Have Already Been Taken?

Inspired by their efforts, many industries around the world have decided to implement eco-friendlier policies. The solar powered community is growing, electric cars continue to improve their efficiency, and new forms of transportation like for-rent scooters and bikes are being introduced to the public every day. Aside from these steps forward, the film production industry in the LA area has also decided to join the movement.

As you may know, making television shows and movies can be a very wasteful process. As scenes are shot over and over again to get the best take, power is being taken for granted. To make things easier, companies like Hive are combining energy efficient technology with filming equipment. To cut the energy costs of film productions, they’ve engineered lighting equipment that require less power, thus calling for less generators and their sourced in the U.S. to cut down on international pollution as well.

If All The Trees Fall In The Forest, We’ll Definitely Hear It

A couple other aspect of the film production business are writing and eventually payment. When analog style scripts are passed out, sign-in sheets are logged, and notes are taken during auditions it may not seem like a waste. However, once payment is handled, and you’re left with paper documents that will never be used again more paper is lost by the end of the production. But what happens when all the trees are gone?

To cut costs in these areas and ensure the longevity of the forests, there are multiple software options offering tools that simplify your production’s paperwork, group communication, production accounting, taxes incentives, and entertainment payroll. There are also accounting software companies that specialize in the area of film production. This site, in particular, has helped to save 286,068 sheets of paper, 3,250 pounds of carbon, 95,356 gallons of water, and 34.321 trees as of this year.

As you can see, film production software is helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Though it’s contribution isn’t that of windmills, oceans waves, and solar power it still makes a huge difference in the way we take care our environment. By eliminating the waste of paper and energy the entire community reaps the benefits. As the nation looks to Hollywood for the latest trends and newest lifestyle habits, maybe energy efficiency will be among the hot topics being shared at the top of the hour. For those you who manage your own film productions, look into some of the options above to make things a little easier for you and Mother Earth.