Protect your vision this Women’s day


International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on 8th March. There are many reasons for such a regular celebration of IWD. Some of them are as follows:

  •       To educate the public about women rights
  •       To promote gender equality
  •       To appreciate women’s triumphs,
  •       To appreciate the various roles played by every woman.

Why do you need glasses?

Many jobs are computer-based. Such jobs require continuous staring at the computer displays for hours. It can cause many vision-related issues such as dry eyes and eye strain. Suppose you encounter any of the above-stated symptoms, you should visit an optician.

What is DES?

Digital Eye Syndrome is a growing issue among people from all professions. The primary reason for DES is continuous exposure to digital displays. These displays emit rays of short-wavelengths that can damage your cornea.


DES can produce some severe issues if not treated ASAP. It would be best to use vision-aid such as glasses. You should contact a doctor if you encounter:

  •       Blur vision,
  •       Headaches,
  •       Squinting,
  •       Lack of clear vision at night

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Glasses are becoming more and more essential every day. They not only protect your vision but also enhance your personality. I hope this article has convinced you enough to take better care of your eyes. If you require a pair of spectacles, be sure to check out the huge variety of glasses at SmartBuy Glasses.