Digital Currencies: How Cryptocurrency Is Impacting the Global Economy



If it’s on the internet, you’ve probably heard about it. Virtually everything happens on the internet today; from online sales, advertisements, bookings and many more. Now, you have the digital currency to back it up. Welcome to the realm of cryptocurrencies. It’s the internet money based on blockchain technology, doesn’t have an owner nor a regulator; it just floats its value in the market. It is a misunderstood term, and if you try to dig in to understand how such money exists and operates, you better grab a notebook and coffee as it is going to get ugly. Nonetheless, it has simplified for the laymen; you don’t have to understand all the in-depth details. Capture the basics, and you are good to trade, earn and use this digital currency.

This money only exists online, and they are in many forms, but the most conspicuous and market leader is the Cryptocurrency. Its discussed in economic forums, financial debates, and now it is trending more than ever. The demand is great, and the value is increasing. Cryptocurrency was introduced in 2008, and it has managed to dominate the online community. Some term the increased demand in cryptocurrency as a bubble while others gold the coin in high esteem believing it has an excellent potential of disrupting the global economy.

What Exactly is Cryptocurrency? Can You Have One?

Cryptocurrency doesn’t have any physical form. If you have one cryptocurrency, it is an agreement between all the computers in the cryptocurrency network that you legitimately own that cryptocurrency; it was appropriately mined and passed to you. How can you hold some cryptocurrency? You have two options: buy or mine. Mining involves a lot of resources and knowledge and considering the expenses that you incur; you might not even return your initial investment if you are not smart. The best option is buying cryptocurrency with real currency on a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Abra.

How Has Cryptocurrency Impacted Businesses

The coin was created with the sole purpose of facilitating online transactions. In a conventional online transaction, you would pay using your debit or credit card. Electronic payments are essential for the e-commerce business. If you desire to remain competitive, you have no option but to migrate to this platform. Now, businesses have started to realize that people hold cryptocurrency and prefer to use it for paying for their online transactions. They prefer due to the lesser time it takes for processing, and among many other benefits. It is a push payment, meaning that the person paying defines the value that they are supposed to pay.

Ever since people started using currency, money in different forms became the primary mode of exchange. The digital revolution is shaking up the ordinary happenings, and the economy is transforming in different ways. People are relying less on currency and opting for cryptocurrency as their preferred mode of online transaction. It is a paradigm shift from what people are used to. Most people are managing their cryptocurrency wallet comfortably knowing that it possesses the same security level as real money.